Our team review CLOC Sydney 2019

Recently we had the pleasure of attending the 2019 CLOC Sydney Institute. This wasn’t our first time attending and there was a comfortable familiarity in the air as we set up our booth in preparation for the next two days.

Throughout the event there was near constant, thoughtful discussion about the current state of play with data and technology within Australia’s corporate legal teams. We did a lot of thinking and consideration about the ease and simplicity that people have come to appreciate in regards to the way they prefer to manage their time and workload. 

Something that we came to be reminded of is that when the corporate legal industry is constantly changing so rapidly, it’s been essential that we’ve worked so tirelessly to continually refine and improve on Dazychain with new features and functionality, keeping the lawyer of tomorrow front of mind. 

In conclusion: the conference gave us a lot to think about. A major thought that we’ve had is that when data is something that is spoken about so frequently at executive level meetings, the way we organise and report on it has a significance to it that can’t be underestimated.