Our story (so far)


Dazychain was founded by Yarris to solve a problem – how to organise in-house legal services so that lawyers can be more fulfilled in their professional lives.  In-house lawyers have to do more with less, and generally without the technology that the private firms enjoy. Our ambition was to build a platform to streamline legal operations, just for in-house, not for firms.

We want to give in-house lawyers their own platform which they can conform to their own way of working. We want Dazychain to free lawyers to be their best, to reduce the mundane work and to put their efforts where they can make most impact for their organisations.

Yarris spent 20 years building and operating software platforms to manage billions of dollars of services, for customers across telecommunications, government, insurance, banking and general industrial.

The people at Yarris used all that experience to design a platform which would be simple, beautiful and economical. The result is Dazychain – an operations platform for a group of people who traditionally don’t have clever systems to run their operations – in-house counsel.

In times past the in-house lawyer worked without the assistance of a matter management system, unlike her external firm counterparts. Those systems were too expensive for the corporate budget, and anyway they focussed on time recording and billing.

The traditional in-house lawyer wastes time searching for documents and emails across different drives, managing costs, reporting and waiting on law firms for updates. The frustrating daily choice is often between fixing the urgent or dealing with the most important.

Dazychain is the epiphany.

Dazychain is transforming life for in-house counsel, bringing all the main legal ops tools onto the one platform, enabling the in-house to show the strategic importance of what they do, and streamlining the way they practice law.

Our ultimate goal is for Dazychain to link the tools with the templates with the workflows with the practical hints with the automation, so that the in-house lawyer is secure knowing that she has the documents and the knowledge to be the best lawyer she can be.

Dazychain organises legal operations so that in-house lawyers are free to be their best.