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Welcome to Dazychain

A comprehensive cloud platform designed specifically
for in-house legal departments


Manage matters

Cloud-based matter management enables your team to collaborate effectively in real time. Manage your workload and communications with customised data fields, templates and reports


Centralise documents and emails

The Dazychain Outlook integration and cloud-based document storage gathers all your documents, drafts and emails in one place


Report dynamically

Dazychain provides visual reports based on your own custom data. Measure and report on the variables most important to your organisation to demonstrate your legal department’s unique value

Email management

  • Work seamlessly between Outlook and Dazychain
  • File emails and documents against matters with as little as two clicks
  • Create matters directly from your inbox
  • Build a repository of all emails and communications against a matter, easily accessible by the entire team
  • Big firm style email management for your in-house legal team
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Matter management

  • Track and report on the critical data unique to your corporate legal department
  • Align the data your legal department captures with your organisational objectives
  • Tap into our templates for industry best practice matter management
  • Collaborate with your internal team and external law firms in real time

Document management

  • Drag and drop your documents against your matters, take control of versions and upload emails with attachments directly from your inbox
  • Emails and documents are instantly accessible by everyone in the team in real time
  • Share documents with your external firms securely
  • Robust search capabilities including search text within documents
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Manage workflow

  • Increase transparency on the progress of different matters and become aware of who is responsible for what and when
  • Increase productivity with a centralised worklist, assigning and reassigning tasks and matters with the click of a button
  • Handover for staff absences and annual leave, matter handovers become simple and work is easily managed while team members are away
  • Collaborate immediately in real time with your external firms

Manage panels and share a portal with your external firms

  • Control spend by selecting law firms based on past performance indicators
  • Share documents, comments and matter information in a secure environment with your firms
  • Communicate with your firm in real time, ensuring the most up to date data is always available are away
  • Enable your law firms to work as a true extension of your corporate legal department
  • Discounts may be available for charities and not for profit organisations working for the public benefit
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Dynamic reporting

  • Demonstrate your department’s strategic value to your organisation and executive team with detailed strategic reports on any aspect of your portfolio
  • Create customised reports based on your custom data and variables or get started with our industry best practice reports like matters by business unit, risk, size, status and spend
  • Export detailed and repeatable reports quickly to printable formats with only a few clicks
  • Show your organisation the value of your work by providing reports on your data over any given date range
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Download the Dazychain brochure

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