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Legal teams trust our legal matter management software

“I can find matters quickly now using the search functionality. It is very powerful and easy to use. I can access Dazychain from home or work. It gives me more flexibility around working as well, and I know the team members find that helpful as well.”

John Pease

Deputy CEO & Company Secretary

Dazychain Partner

“Now we have a system that enables us to see how we were spending our effort for each business division. Business Heads can see we spend significant time on their business. This reinforces our value to them because the head of the business doesn’t always see what we are doing for the people who work in that business.”

Mercia Chapman

Senior Legal Counsel

Dazychain Partner

“Perhaps the most valuable advantage of Dazychain is it alleviates Sunday afternoons in the office manually preparing task lists for the week and reports for Monday morning executive meetings.”

Mark Flint

General Counsel

Dazychain Partner