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Simplify Contract Management

Contract management software for legal departments

Automated. Simple. Efficient. Collaborative.

Managing large volumes of contracts can be overwhelming for in-house legal teams, with their unique terms and conditions, custom clauses, numerous reviewers, multiple signatories and quick turnaround requirements. Dazychain’s legal contract lifecycle management features help overcome barriers to success, providing an automated, frictionless interface for all parties.

Say goodbye to manual contract management and multiple systems. Automate and streamline all stages of contract review and processing. Improve processes and workflows. Reduce errors and save time. Obtain visibility over costs. Store executed documents securely, with the ability to find, copy and reuse them quickly.

Simplify Contracts Management
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Key features of Dazychain contract management software for in-house counsel

Dazychain is an all-in-one matter management and contract management solution for in-house legal departments. Effectively manage contracts from inception to sign-off. Build automated workflows. Manage, store and find what you need fast with AI-powered search.

Take control of the entire contract lifecycle

A single contract management system

Managing the lifecycle of contracts is critical for in-house legal departments and teams. From drafting and negotiation to execution and renewal, every stage demands meticulous attention to detail. There’s a lot at stake.

Not managing the contract lifecycle process effectively can lead to legal and compliance issues, contractual disputes, reputational damage and even financial losses. Contract lifecycle management software transforms how your legal team manages the entire contract management process.

Dazychain enables modern legal teams to adopt proactive and effective contract management practices

  • Create standardized contract templates to expedite contract drafting while ensuring consistency and compliance with organizational standards.
  • Easily create contract templates in Microsoft Office to expedite contract creation.
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration among legal department team members and external stakeholders when creating and managing contracts with real-time document editing, commenting and task assignment.
  • Report on the status of contracts and move them through the contract lifecycle with full visibility.

  • Record every aspect of negotiation, including terms and conditions, for future reference.
  • Set up workflows so you always know where contracts are in the negotiation and contract lifecycle process.
  • Effectively manage version control for draft contracts and revisions.

  • Ensure all relevant stakeholders, including legal, finance, procurement, and executive leadership have reviewed and approval the final contract draft.
  • Seamlessly integrate with DocuSign when it’s time to send contracts for signing.
  • Our integrated document management systems provide a centralized repository for storing contracts and related documents.

Gain complete visibility over legal contracts

Never miss a renewal again

Streamline your legal team’s core operations and leave more time, resources and energy for what’s most important. Ditch printed contracts and go online. With our cloud-based legal contract management software, your legal department can free up time, reduce costs and make more informed decisions.

  • Access the current status of every contract in a single report.
  • Set auto alerts ahead of contract renewal dates so your team is never caught out.
  • Easily identify inefficiencies, such as delays in contract negotiations, approval bottlenecks, and redundant tasks.
  • Easily evaluate contract performance and consideration of options for renewal, extension, or termination.
  • Access a wealth of contract-related data, including performance, key terms and clauses, timelines and obligations.
  • Have more informed renewal conversations, including deliverables, milestones, and compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Access your contracts from anywhere, anytime on any device through Dazychain’s secure cloud-based contract management tools.
  • Version control ensures individuals are working on the most current and accurate version, reducing duplication.
  • DocuSign integration means contracts can be signed by relevant parties wherever they are.
  • Get better visibility regarding corporate spend on contract management activity, providing opportunities for identifying efficiencies and lowering costs.

“I recommend Dazychain to other teams. It’s a flexible tool. I can see it has a lot of power, and it’s a function of how much time you dedicate to using it.”

John Pease
Deputy CEO & Company Secretary
Power and Water Corporation

Cloud-based centralization

Stay up-to-date and aware on the go

Most in-house legal teams have matters spread across multiple drives, spreadsheets, and folders. Matters are often decentralized, hard to access without permission, and inconvenient to work with on a daily basis. When some employees leave an organization, their computer and email are deleted, along with all of their work history. Managing risk and compliance is easier with a centralized platform creating transparency and accessibility.

  • Centralized platform for storage
  • Clutter-free, well-organized dashboard
  • Secure remote access
  • Improved visibility and reporting of legal risks
  • Standardize the legal risk management process
  • Safe and secure storage of critical legal information with security group control and folder access controls

“Dazychain has been critical in helping us capture key data points – we can measure the proportion of legal work that is strategic versus business-as-usual, identify our high-use stakeholders, analyze legal work that flows from core compliance obligations and transparently manage workflow and capacity.”

Seshani Bala
Former General Counsel & Corporate Assurance
Chartered Accountants ANZ

Contract Management FAQs

How secure is an online contract management system?2024-05-09T22:08:52+10:00

The security of an online contract management system depends on the provider’s security measures, whether they’re deploying best practices and the level of compliance with relevant certifications and regulations. Dazychain and our parent company Yarris, take security and privacy seriously, using secure off-site Amazon data centres for storage. We use AWS AMI which is patched regularly against malware attacks. We also use Amazon Cloudfront for protection against DDoS attacks. We’re also ISO 27001 certified, giving you confidence in our information security management systems (ISMS).

How long does it take to implement legal contract management systems?2024-05-09T22:08:28+10:00

Dazychain is as easy to set up as it is to use. First, our team of experts will work with your legal department and IT team to understand your existing processes and capture your needs.

Depending on the size of your organization, the implementation process for our contract management solutions can take anywhere from two weeks to two months.

What are the benefits of cloud-based contract management software?2024-05-09T22:08:06+10:00

Accessibility: Cloud-based contract management software enables legal and business teams and stakeholders to access matters and documents from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility is especially relevant in remote work environments where efficient collaboration is essential.

Scalability: As an organization’s contract portfolio grows, matter and contract management software can easily scale to accommodate increased workload without substantial hardware investments or complex IT infrastructure. Updates are applied seamlessly at no added cost, reducing the burden on IT departments.

Security: Cloud-based providers invest heavily in advanced security measures, including encryption, access controls, and data redundancy. These measures often surpass what many on-premises solutions can provide.

What should legal departments look for in contract management platforms?2024-05-09T22:07:30+10:00

The best contract management software options for in house legal departments should ideally be holistic solutions for matter and contract management. Ideally, when choosing contract management software, it will include the following features:

  • Streamlined contract process through the entire lifecycle
  • Automated workflows
  • Centralized repository
  • Version control features
  • Seamless connection to relevant matters
  • Search and retrieval capabilities
  • Easy collaboration with all parties involved
  • Integration with other systems

Legal contract management with Dazychain

Optimize contract lifecycle management for your legal department

Dazychain’s contract management functionality allows legal professionals to navigate the entire contract lifecycle seamlessly, improving workflow management and operational efficiency.

It offers a complete contract management solution to help in-house legal teams automate contract processes and expertly track negotiations, manage legal obligations and stay ahead of contract renewals.

Book a free demo today to discover how Dazychain cloud-based contract management software for legal departments could fit with your organisation.

See Dazychain in action

With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess

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