Matter management software for in-house legal teams

Simple, cost-effective, end-to-end matter management for smaller corporate teams

Helping corporate legal departments to have total control over legal matters, collaborate across teams, and have a single source of truth for all your operations.

Matter management software for in-house legal teams

Simple, cost-effective, end-to-end matter management for smaller corporate teams

In-House Matter Management Software

Transform your legal team with Dazychain

Dazychain in-house legal matter management software provides an end-to-end matter management system for corporate legal departments. Our cloud-based system supports every aspect of your matter management from intake, triage, document management, reporting, external panel management and collaboration, to knowledge management, risk and contract management.

We can create a simple configuration for you, or create a fully automated experience, using your own processes and templates.

Gain visibility into your legal operations

Centralize legal operations in one intuitive cloud platform. Find and reuse what you need immediately.

Manage all legal matters in one place

Manage matters from intake to resolution. Reduce risk with a single source of truth.

Become a more efficient legal team

Automate processes, reporting, and repetitive tasks. Make better business decisions.

Legal Matter Management Platform

Does your legal department struggle with…

  • Lack of visibility that hinders your ability to maintain control over operations

  • Feeling undervalued and seen as a “bottleneck” leading to poor internal perception

  • Project load & bandwidth misunderstandings that lead to resource shortages

  • Demonstrating value due to a lack of data that communicates the team’s contribution

Take control of your legal matters

Dazychain matter management software empowers in-house legal departments to take control of legal matters, improve collaboration across teams, and establish a centralized location for all your operations, giving you the confidence to excel in your job and as a team.

Dazychain helps lawyers

  • Demonstrate the volume, risk and importance of the team’s work

  • Allocate resources and manage outside counsel more effectively

  • Reduce the risk of missed deadlines and lost documents

  • Optimize the performance of your in-house legal department

Matter Management Solutions
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Powerful features to help you manage your legal operations easily

Dazychain matter management tools support the digital transformation of legal departments. We understand the number, complexity and sheer size of most matters you manage each year.

And we appreciate the challenges your in-house legal team faces in managing matters, people, documents and reporting without an effective system. Dazychain is here to help.

Intake and

Intake and Triage

Automate intake with forms, and standardize the triage process

Matter Management

Streamline every step of every matter from intake to resolution

Email Management

Integrate directly with Outlook and declutter your inbox

Document Management

End-to-end workflow automation with safe and secure storage

Workflow Management

Optimize the performance of in-house legal teams

Legal Data Analytics

Save time, generate useful insights, and make data-driven decisions

Manage Legal Vendors

Track vendor performance, and make smarter sourcing decisions


Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook email, DocuSign, and more.

Leverage the power of technology to solve legal department challenges

Technology-led matter management solutions

Once corporate lawyers just did routine work. But now organizations demand proactive, strategic advice and support.

Legal leaders are expected to inform and execute a digital business transformation, support business growth, manage risks across multiple domains and demonstrate accountability, efficiency and cost savings.

The challenge for legal department managers is to balance the strategic with the operational.

Dazychain tech-led matter management systems leverage the power of technology to increase productivity, improve business processes, free up in-house counsel time and support more strategic decision-making.

Dazychain is designed specifically for corporate legal departments to support the end-to-end legal function of your organization.

Dazychain helps in-house legal teams:

  • Find what you want when you need it with a sophisticated AI-powered global search function
  • Qualify and quantify your team’s output with transparent matter progress reporting
  • Automate workflows with custom intake forms, seamless matter creation and automatic notifications
  • Manage operational risks in real-time, and record and report on organizational compliance
  • Take control of the entire contract lifecycle, and never miss contract renewals again
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Transform your legal team with Dazychain

Dazychain empowers you to take control of your legal matters, collaborate effortlessly across teams, and establish a single source of truth for all of your legal operations, giving you the confidence to excel in your job and as a team.

Legal teams trust our legal matter management software

“I can find matters quickly now using the search functionality. It is very powerful and easy to use. I can access Dazychain from home or work. It gives me more flexibility around working as well, and I know the team members find that helpful as well.”

John Pease

Deputy CEO & Company Secretary

Dazychain Partner

“Now we have a system that enables us to see how we were spending our effort for each business division. Business Heads can see we spend significant time on their business. This reinforces our value to them because the head of the business doesn’t always see what we are doing for the people who work in that business.”

Mercia Chapman

Senior Legal Counsel

Dazychain Partner

“Perhaps the most valuable advantage of Dazychain is it alleviates Sunday afternoons in the office manually preparing task lists for the week and reports for Monday morning executive meetings.”

Mark Flint

General Counsel

Dazychain Partner

See Dazychain in action

With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess