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In-house legal
working better together

People, matters and insights all in one place


Why choose Dazychain?

Dazychain centralises your legal operations on one, secure, easy-to-use platform. Manage matters, emails, documents, due dates and external firms all in the cloud.

  • Designed specifically for in-house counsel
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Highly secure and hosted in Australia

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In-house legal teams working better together with Dazychain:

Robust matter and document management

  • Capture critical data on each matter

  • Create matters within seconds with an easy-to-use interface
  • Keep track of working drafts with version control

  • Simply drag and drop documents to file against matters

  • File emails against open matters with a click
  • Create new matters directly from your inbox
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Demonstrate your team’s strategic contribution to your organisation

  • Dashboards bring your data to life

  • See all of your legal operations at a glance
  • Customise your dashboards to show the data important to you

  • Deliver strategic reporting

  • Produce beautiful reports on any aspect of your legal function
  • Share, display and download dashboards in real time

Increase efficiency and keep well documented records

  • Become a more efficient legal team

  • Find documents, emails and matter information quickly
  • Reduce your legal spend by sending less work to your firms

  • Keep well documented records

  • Dazychain is a central repository for all actions against a file
  • Easily refer back to closed matters years later
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Law firms who are collaborating with their corporate counsel clients through Dazychain: 

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“Dazychain eliminates unnecessary phone calls, emails, meetings, document attachments, follow up and miscommunication by connecting internal and external business teams on one collaboration platform.”