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Customization. Training. Support.

Dazychain’s template-driven onboarding process and the continuous support from Dazychain consultants simplifies the change process.

Our highly-skilled onboarding team listens carefully to your needs to configure your workflows, templates, reports and data collection, creating a reliable, single source of truth for matter management.

We liaise with your IT department to effectively manage security and compliance considerations, ensuring integration, data migration, data security and compliance are adequately addressed.

Dazychain is genuinely invested in your team’s success. We don’t just sell software, we care about people, and we’re committed to creating the change needed for your team to excel in their work. We work with you to ensure the onboarding experience and change management is pleasant, comprehensive and efficient. We follow up until you are confident, and make any changes to the system you request to improve the configuration over time.

Simple Onboarding Solutions

Guiding your onboarding journey every step of the way

Comprehensive onboarding
and training

All-inclusive configuration, including integrations and custom templates

Hands-on, in-depth training builds team confidence

Weekly check-ins and advice, plus free ongoing support

“Managing the transition to Dazychain was easy for us. The Dazychain team sat down with us and asked us about our business structure, what we needed to cover off on in terms of reporting for our business units, what type of advice we are usually giving, so that they could then configure the platform for us, so when we’re opening a matter for that topic or business unit, it is seamless.”

Kirrilly Gordon
Group Commercial and Legal Manager
SEE Civil

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The 7-step Dazychain onboarding process for legal departments

Our onboarding process helps rapidly grow the team’s confidence and capability. We continue to follow up until you are utilizing the platform routinely and easily.

Implementation takes about 8 hours in total, running over two weeks. However, we are flexible and can accommodate your team’s availability or urgency.

IT security and compliance meeting
1 hour

Business discoveryworkshop
3 hours


Template check-in
1 hour

Training and changemanagement
3 hours



1 hour

IT security and compliance meeting

We work collaboratively with your IT team to ensure common questions and issues associated with enterprise legal management software are addressed, including:

  • Compatibility with existing infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Regulatory compliance and protection of sensitive legal data
  • Scalability to accommodate future growth
  • Customization to match the existing legal workflows and processes

Additional communication during the implementation process is required with IT teams to ensure whitelisting and Outlook add-in installation are completed prior to training. If customers are utilizing SSO services, this process occurs separately before launch.

Business discovery workshop

In the business discovery workshop, we review every aspect of your work to capture your requirements in the system. We use a templated approach to enable you to take advantage of our best-practice templates and library of examples.

  • We explore the types of work your team creates, your matter management and contract lifecycle processes, legal spend data, reports required and the pain points of your current legal operations
  • We provide examples of how other in-house legal teams have set up Dazychain and then explore configuration, workflows, folder set-up options, and security groups specific to your organization
  • Information is documented in a configuration setup document that serves as the working file for the legal team to further finesse requirements and for Dazychain to configure your new account


When we complete the business discovery, we create an overview of your legal department’s requirements and undertake the configuration. This includes setting up folders, matters, documents and document templates, workflows for legal matters and fields linked to the workflows.

We create several example matters and reports in Dazychain ready for template check-in.

Template check-in

The next step is the configuration check-in, where we meet to demonstrate your customized Dazychain. We invite you into the system to explore your configuration, create matters and view the reports. The configuration comes to life, enabling the legal team to better understand how they might interact with the system. Template check-in is also an opportunity to identify further refinements.

Training and change management

Training is delivered in a ‘hands-on’ session that usually takes place online. We guide the legal team through the system to create matters, enter information, upload documents and generate reports.

Throughout this session, you may find users asking questions about how information is defined within the team. For example, what qualifies a matter to have a certain level of risk? How should a matter be named or how should legal spend management be coded? These are referred to as business rules and can be notated to assist the team with change management.

For the last hour, we bring everyone together to add matters to the system so by the time we’ve reached the end, 20 or 30 matters are active in the system.

Training sessions and materials are available for a range of audiences:

  • Instructor-led training for legal teams
  • Online learning for legal teams
  • Instructor-led training for organizational administrators
  • Online learning for organizational administrators


We work together on launch day to ensure everyone is trained and prepared. Detailed handover occurs from the Dazychain implementation manager to the Dazychain account manager who then supports your team through go-live and provides ongoing assistance. To ease the transition, your account manager provides virtual support, troubleshoots, and answers questions.

We’ll also schedule follow-up meetings, establish IT contact and coordinate onboarding with partner law firms if required.

When Dazychain is launched, the comprehensive support continues. We check everything is operating as expected and meet the team each week as needed to offer support and advice.

Post-implementation reviews and support

One week after going live, we conduct a post-implementation review to evaluate the success of the implementation and address any early issues or concerns. This review includes:

  • User experience feedback
  • Performance evaluation
  • Usage and adoption metrics
  • Integration and workflow evaluation
  • Issue resolution
  • Collection of feedback and identification of any additional actions or training required.

“Something I love about Dazychain is the team, and the support that I receive. I can reach out to the Dazychain team and I feel like they really listen to the feedback we give about the system. We feel like what we say as customers matters, which is amazing.”

Helen Carr
Deputy General Counsel

Personalised support, training and ongoing customer care

We believe in the value of Dazychain for enterprise legal teams and want to be sure your team can use our software comfortably and confidently. That’s why we provide ongoing endless support, training and customer care as part of your subscription:

  • All training is included, with free online training, on-demand training, workshops and webinars
  • Catch-up sessions for new team members and people who need refreshers
  • Annual workshops where we complete an analysis with your team and reconfigure Dazychain if required
  • Library of online learning resources so people can build knowledge in their own time
  • Webinar masterclasses for users who want more in-depth information
  • Continuing business analysis where we return to your Dazychain instance regularly to ensure that your team deeply understands Dazychain and its role in legal operations.

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With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess