Legal Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and risk management software for
in-house legal teams

Identify. Track. Respond. Mitigate.

The key responsibility of any in-house legal department is to safeguard the legal interests of the business. Dazychain’s legal compliance and legal risk management features empower corporate lawyers to meet compliance and governance legislation, stay vigilant to risks, and report on emerging or potential risks.

Utilize Dazychain’s powerful software for managing legal risk, and its data-backed analytical insights to create a risk-aware reporting culture. Reduce human error in risk control and reporting.

Our legal compliance management and legal risk mitigation solution is a centralized, cloud-based platform that automates workflows, provides real-time risk analysis, and facilitates legal collaboration, making the risk assessment process easier, particularly for contract expiries and litigation requirements. Dazychain is the innovation you need to future-proof your company against reputational risk or missed deadlines.

Manage Your Legal Risk

Cutting-edge legal risk management for corporate legal departments

Legal risk management is about identifying, prioritizing, reporting, and mitigating risks. The stakes are high when it comes to corporate risk analysis and management. In-house legal professionals need to categorize and report on a range of risks, relating to intellectual property, contracts, employment law, corporate governance, third-party relationships, litigation, corporate reputation and dispute resolution.

  • Create ad hoc reports on imminent threats to notify the management
  • Create complete visibility over risk by category and date so you can mitigate its impact
  • Anticipate emerging risks and prioritize by status based on risk tolerance with Dazychain’s custom dashboard
  • Never miss a critical date with reminders for contract expiries, due dates, deliverables, project milestones, deadlines, and submissions
  • Share legal requirements, reminders and documents to non-legal stakeholders
  • Easily train legal and non-legal staff to understand risk management requirements and their roles
  • Collaborate on shared files in real-time
  • Send top priority legal documents for approval in a few clicks
  • Gain full visibility over business risks and quickly allocate resources to critical tasks
  • Efficiently triage matters and mobilize the most impactful team or resource to deal with crisis situations
  • Identify, engage and manage external law firms with expertise in complex or specialized legal issues
  • No more spreadsheets, emails, hard drives or multiple platforms to manage risk-related processes
  • Communicate with key executives across the organization using reports and dashboards to communicate risk and demonstrate your commercial focus
  • Centralize risk-related information in a central repository, accessible by relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • Create streamlined workflows and allocate tasks using agreed risk ratings
  • Get updates on the progression of tasks and the changing risk profile of matters
  • Search for specific agreement and contracts with Dazychain’s intelligent search function enabling easy follow up on matters creating risk
  • Review and approve all documents/forms/contracts before submission through easy approval assignments and document sharing

Regulatory compliance software for small businesses

Corporate legal compliance is a key aspect of corporate governance and risk management. It’s not just about avoiding legal trouble. The future and reputation of the business are at stake.

Keeping up with the sheer volume of legal proceedings while ensuring you’re compliant with ever-changing norms can be challenging. It’s not just time and effort-intensive but also prone to a lack of automation and reporting. Operational process automation is the only solution.

Dazychain legal compliance management software enables you to flag regulatory requirements in real-time and assists with communicating them to the broader legal team.

  • Keep your entire team on top of regulatory issues
  • Efficiently communicate compliance requirements to the broader legal team
  • Generate compliance reports for inspections, audits, owners, investors, shareholders and other stakeholders at the touch of a button
  • Configure Dazychain to track regulatory compliance requirements for your organization
  • Track compliance with due dates and contract requirements
  • Create and automatically prompt your team to use the apporpriate template on matter creation
  • Maintain detailed audit trails of contract-related activities including version control, updates, approvals, email, related documents and compliance checks
  • Be better prepared for legal disputes with all the relevant information at your fingertips
  • Assign risk scores to contracts, helping you focus on high-risk areas

“I recommend Dazychain to other teams. It’s a flexible tool. I can see it has a lot of power, and it’s a function of how much time you dedicate to using it.”

John Pease
Deputy CEO & Company Secretary
Power and Water Corporation

Cloud-based centralization

Most in-house legal teams have matters spread across multiple drives, spreadsheets, and folders. Matters are often decentralized, hard to access without permission, and inconvenient to work with on a daily basis. When some employees leave an organization, their computer and email are deleted, along with all of their work history. Managing risk and compliance is easier with a centralized platform creating transparency and accessibility.

  • Centralized platform for storage
  • Clutter-free, well-organized dashboard
  • Secure remote access
  • Improved visibility and reporting of legal risks
  • Standardize the legal risk management process
  • Safe and secure storage of critical legal information with security group control and folder access controls

“Dazychain has been critical in helping us capture key data points – we can measure the proportion of legal work that is strategic versus business-as-usual, identify our high-use stakeholders, analyze legal work that flows from core compliance obligations and transparently manage workflow and capacity.”

Seshani Bala
Former General Counsel & Corporate Assurance
Chartered Accountants ANZ

Legal risks management with Dazychain

Optimize legal compliance and risk management

Dazychain’s robust compliance and risk management software keeps the unique needs of in-house legal teams at its core. It offers a full suite of features to help in-house legal teams achieve compliance and gain transparency and control of the processes.

Lawyers can make qualitative improvements to legal compliance and risk management so the business always has a legal safeguard.

See Dazychain in action

With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess