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Effective knowledge management for legal departments

Search. Find. Reuse. Transform.

The legal department deals with valuable knowledge and data from multiple internal and external sources, and requires a system in which information is reliably stored, readily accessible, and easily shared with relevant stakeholders.

Our state-of-the-art legal matter management software provides in-house legal teams with a centralized repository of structured and searchable information for quick retrieval and reuse.

Information is structured by projects, matters, deliverables, documents, and invoices, each of which can be viewed and filtered within Dazychain.

Find and reuse knowledge assets to manage compliance, share information with peers, and unlock the true potential of your in-house legal team with Dazychain’s robust legal knowledge management solution.

Find & Reuse Everything

Increase accuracy, efficiency, and transparency when storing, searching, retrieving, sharing, and reusing key information

Use versioning, templates, and tagging to structure your documents and simplify and expedite the search process

Facilitate real-time collaboration and rapid responses to time-critical matters

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All your legal knowledge at your fingertips

Even the most experienced legal teams can struggle with knowledge sharing and legal research. Our legal knowledge management solution, powered by AI, enables you to easily search, find, share, and use all critical matter information.

Significantly reduce the time spent looking for legal documents, deliverables, contracts, comments, and conversations. Effective knowledge management means your team has ample time to focus on strategy, execution, and decision-making.

Robust legal knowledge management for corporate legal teams

Share knowledge quickly and easily

Streamline knowledge-sharing processes, improve collaboration, and ensure that critical legal knowledge is readily available to team members when needed.

  • Efficiently manage and get more value from your team’s precedent collection by making it easily accessible to everyone
  • Easily search for, find, and reuse legal opinions, court cases and rulings, regulatory guidance, and legal memos Re-utilize pre-existing documents, legal phrasing, or existing advice that can be applied to relevant scenarios
  • Re-utilize pre-existing documents, legal phrasing, or existing advice that can be applied to relevant scenarios
  • Search, find, and download report including the data or information you need with one click
  • Quickly view aggregated or granular information and export it into a variety of formats for sharing
  • Create zip files of entire matters to share with other teams, internal clients
  • Search, share, and manage legal knowledge
  • Create security groups to define access to approved team members or external counsel
  • Improve the scope for collaboration by reusing historical advice, data, or procedures

“Another function that I find handy is that when I open a file I can add details about the matter type, business unit, and region because that makes it easier to search and to create similar matters in the future for accurate reporting.”

Kirrilly Gordon
Group Commercial and Legal Manager
SEE Civil

Legal knowledge management for your in-house legal

Our legal knowledge management software is an ideal solution when it comes to resolving gaps in operational information retrieval and centralizing organizational legal knowledge. Use Dazychain’s search function, and filters to find information, document titles, phrases within documents and related data. Utilize this legal intelligence to enhance your current operations, better organize information and reduce your team’s dependence on external counsel.

  • An essential tool for implementing a sound knowledge management strategy
  • Quick, easy, and seamless search, source and share
  • Time-saving and budget-friendly knowledge management for legal departments
  • Effort-efficient approach to legal research

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With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess