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Working between multiple platforms is frustrating, time-consuming and complicates data sharing and reporting. With Dazychain’s seamless integrations, you can connect our platform to Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook email for more efficient and user-friendly workflows.

Create matters directly from your Outlook inbox. Send emails and documents to current matters. Drag and drop Microsoft Word documents to any part of the platform. Share documents with internal clients using our document management system that’s both functional and familiar. Send DocuSign signed documents straight to Dazychain for secure cloud storage. Executed DocuSign documents return automatically to the Dazychain matter.

Dazychain Software Integrations

Never leave your favourite tools

Seamless drag and drop integration

Collect all of your matters, emails and documents in one place

Automate real-time data flows between systems

Eliminate information silos, duplication, and lost documents

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Streamline your in house legal processes with cloud-based integration

Dazychain integrations work seamlessly with existing systems, making workflows more efficient, improving data accuracy and facilitating collaboration among team members, external counsel and other stakeholders. Drag and drop, automate, share and edit with Dazychain, leveraging the power of the Microsoft 365 suite to manage email and store documents without multiple log-ins.

Dazychain Integrates with

Dazychain Integration Partner
Dazychain Integration Software
Dazychain Integration Software
Dazychain Integration Partner
Dazychain Integration Partner
Dazychain Integration Partner
Dazychain Integration Partner
Dazychain Integration Partner
Dazychain Integration Software
Dazychain Integration Partner
Dazychain Integration Partner

Microsoft Office365 and Dazychain integration

Powerful tools working together for legal professionals

Microsoft Office 365 is standard operating software for in-house legal teams and most law firms. Double the power of the Microsoft Office Suite by using our simple integrating with Dazychain matter management software and accessing the combined features of both platforms. Our cloud-based platform means the entire organization from in-house counsel to administrative staff can access the information they need when they need it.

  • Drag and drop Word documents and emails directly to matters, folders and deliverables for easy matter updates
  • Use your own Microsoft Word document templates to automatically attach to new matters as they are created to speed up your workflow processes
  • Open Microsoft Word documents inside Dazychain so you can work independently or collaboratively inside Daychain
  • Send documents to internal clients and external law firms with a simple link for clients to edit in Dazychain or to download
  • Track edits and version history, with access to all previous versions, and editors of the document
  • Create matters in Dazychain directly from Outlook
  • Send emails and documents from Outlook to current matters in Dazychain
  • Append emails and attachments to existing matters by dragging and dropping
  • Store all case management communication in one place in Dazychain’s central file system
  • Add a custom matter intake form link to your legal signature
  • Apply Microsoft Active Directory access protocols to Dazychain
  • Login with SSO authentication or your Office 365 login
  • Securely share sensitive information between systems with security roles, restricted folder access and security groups
  • Keep client data secure with enterprise-grade security and data encryption
  • Take a matter-centric approach to organising documents, eliminating the need for shared folders, document filing systems and time-wasting searches
  • Establish a centralized document storage system with predetermined protocols and naming conventions defined by your team
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page with real-time access to case files, contracts, and other legal documents
  • Use Dazychain’s powerful search function to locate matters, deliverables, documents and invoices
Legal Document Management

“Dazychain has given our in-house legal team the ability to track and record matters efficiently and effectively. It provides a cost-effective solution to file management, risk management and track of legal expenditure.”

Kirrilly Gordon
Group Commercial and Legal Manager
SEE Civil

Using DocuSign with Dazychain

Streamline electronic signatures

Electronic signatures are a standard part of automated document management processes. Together Dazychain and DocuSign streamline and automate the contract lifecycle to accelerate the document creation, review and authorization process. Dazychain serves as a centralized platform for managing legal matters, while DocuSign seamlessly integrates electronic signature capabilities into the workflow.

  • No need to switch between applications
  • Send documents to stakeholders for signing from within Dazychain
  • When signed, the document is returned to Dazychain fully executed
  • Automatically route documents through a predefined approval process
  • Collaborate on documents in the Dazychain platform, incorporating feedback and making revisions
  • When changes are finalized, the document can be sent for electronic signatures through DocuSign, ensuring the most current version is signed
  • SSO options including Onelogin, Auth0, Azure, Okta and SAML
  • Drag and drop direct from DropBox, SharePoint, emails, shared folders or on premise file servers

Integration set-up and optimization

We do it all so you don’t have to

Every legal team operates differently. Our onboarding specialists work closely and listen carefully to your needs to ensure we configure the system to enhance your existing processes, and maximize your current tools.

  • We work with your IT team to plan and manage the implementation and integrations of office apps and other systems
  • We build customizations, data collection, automations and conditions based on your business requirements
  • The implementation team works with you to streamline the flow of information, improving decision-making processes
  • We assist you to automate tasks and processes such as document filing, data entry, and task assignment, and template creation
  • Free up valuable time for your legal professionals to focus on strategic tasks
  • Find more time each day to focus on important and strategic matters
  • Maximize the value of your technology investments
  • Prepare for future growth and evolving needs with an in-house legal operations management software solution that grows with your team and your business
  • Scalable integrations adapt to your expanding operations
  • We’re with you all the way through your onboarding journey and beyond
  • Comprehensive training so your team can effectively utilize integrated systems
  • Transition support with configuration, consultation, data security, task management, document assembly, task allocation, reporting and other features
  • Access expert assistance whenever you need it – we are always here to help

As a legal tech company, we’re always evolving

New integrations and cloud-based solutions for corporate legal teams

As a legal tech company, Dazychain is committed to evolving and innovating, always developing new ideas to leverage existing software and sophisticated tools for the benefit of our clients. We listen. We continuously improve our application and our processes. In fact, some of the best updates to the system are those suggested by our current customers.

If you have any requests for future integrations or other features, we’d love to hear from you.

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  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess