Automate Your Work

The automation solution for busy legal departments

End-to-end. Centralized. Connected. Simple.

Every in-house legal department is expected to do more with less. Achieving consistency in productivity and performance can be challenging, especially for departments still relying on legacy methods and dated technology.

Process automation enables in-house corporate legal teams to optimize and simplify manual business processes.

Dazychain’s cloud-based platform enables and empowers legal executives to do their jobs better, reducing manual tasks and focusing on strategic matters.

Automate Your Legal Work

Automated digitized processes and workflows in one centralized location.

Simple digital transformation designed for smaller teams

End-to-end automation for productivity and efficiency

Configure workflows for individual teams and organizations

Easy to use, onboard, and access, with ongoing support and training

End-to-end legal automation

Streamline and optimize the way you operate

Our simple no-code tool is a powerful solution that in-house legal teams can use to create, edit, update, automate and share their legal processes.

  • Connect to Outlook and create matters directly from your email inbox
  • Documents, deliverables, emails and attachments are automatically added to the relevant folder when you create a new legal matter
  • The due date for each matter-related task can be automatically generated or assigned
  • Built-in workflows with alerts and notifications keep matters moving
  • Contract lifecycle management tools can automate contract creation, approval and renewal
  • Create task lists for pending deliverables with due dates
  • Generate to-do lists and documents for individual team members based on pre-existing workflows
  • Use our intake forms to receive instructions from your internal clients, and create matters automatically
  • Automate precedents, deliverables, and matter creation by due date, priority, manager, or internal client.
  • Leverage mandatory fields and pre-set filters for data accuracy
  • Work on shared files without making duplicate or erroneous entries
  • Predefined templates and standards in our document management system ensure consistency in language, formatting and legal clauses
  • Embed compliance requirements into templates to ensure consistent adherence to regulations
  • Minimize the risk of errors and omissions with standardization of the document creation process
  • Track changes, versions and approvals for detailed audit trails
  • Work together on Microsoft Word documents in real-time, eliminating the need for time-consuming email exchanges and meetings
  • When a team member completes their part of a document, Dazychain can automatically notify the next person in the workflow, streamlining the review and approval process
  • Team members can leave comments or annotations and notify collaborators during document editing, facilitating seamless communication
  • Ensure everyone uses pre-approved templates for matter creation, contracts and routine tasks like intake and triage

Work allocation and management

Automated intake, triage and briefing

With Dazychain, in-house legal teams can receive matters from intake forms, where a matter can be created, triaged and allocated automatically, along with associated briefing notes and associated documents.

Ensure that no time is wasted on redundant tasks, no deadlines are missed, and no resources are underutilized.

  • Users receive notifications for all new matters, documents, approvals, comments or review requests
  • Send reminders for due dates and overdue tasks for external law firms or internal clients
  • Set up automated reports on legal department spend, including external legal fees, software costs, and other expenses

“Dazychain has increased the number of matters we can manage. Prior to me starting at SEE Group the Commercial and Legal Team consisted of a team of 4. We now sit at a team of 3 and the business has grown extensively during this time, doubling our team’s workload, but it has been managed well largely due to the visibility, tracking and efficiencies Dazychain provides.”

Kirrilly Gordon
Group Commercial and Legal Manager
SEE Civil

Choose our legal automation software to futureproof your business!

Dazychain automation features enable you to commercially utilize your time and resources. Our users report they save two to three hours every week due to the structure of the system, simple storage, and the ability to find and reuse information.

  • Powerful no code, easy-to-use document automation solutions for legal processes
  • Highly cost-effective automated workflow saves time
  • Process standardization for consistency and productivity
  • Demonstrated support with onboarding and migration

See Dazychain in action

With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess