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In-house legal teams and legal departments deal with high-risk, time-sensitive matters and data. As the gatekeepers of the business’s reputation, the in-house legal department also manages high volumes of internal and external matters of critical commercial importance.

Corporate legal departments manage a range of matters, from contract negotiation, to the provision of advice, litigation, intellectual property arrangements, corporate governance, regulatory issues and engaging outside counsel.

Dazychain’s in house counsel software helps you to become structured, organized, efficient, and accessible for a cost-effective price. Dazychain offers simple, configured in-house legal team software to address multiple challenges affecting small legal teams.

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Enabling in-house counsel and legal teams to make better business decisions

Dazychain provides a dynamic set of features that helps in house legal teams gain complete visibility over their daily proceedings, optimize administrative tasks, automate current workflows, and enjoy easy collaboration with other departments on legal matters.

Dazychain in-house legal department software seamlessly integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, DocuSign, and SSO providers to maintain a single source of truth in your organization.

Experience total control, save valuable time, find and reuse every matter and document you need to increase productivity.

Efficient legal workflows

Get more done with limited resources

Staffing, budget, and technology constraints are common challenges for in-house legal teams to manage legal matters effectively. With Dazychain matter management software for corporate legal departments, work flows efficiently—even with a lean workforce, inadequate tools, and financial restrictions. Here’s how you can optimize your legal matter management systems with Dazychain:

  • Set up workflows using automated mapping of legal processes
  • Save time spent on tedious legal tasks
  • Decrease manual data entry
  • Simplify planning, determine the scope, and ensure visibility
  • Balance workload when unexpected legal matters arise
  • Manage time for urgent issues
  • Assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress
  • Notifications and reminders sent to team members
  • Create calendar events, set reminders, track critical dates, and manage milestones
  • Track contract renewals, litigation deadlines, and regulatory filings
  • Visual overview of past and upcoming events
  • Ensure compliance with time-sensitive legal requirements

Process management and task prioritization

Effective in-and-out control for in-house legal teams

From receiving legal requests initiated by various business units to archiving all their associated documents, a corporate legal team handles multiple tasks. Working on each step is a complex endeavor. Flaws in the processes of your legal department may cause critical details or functions to fall through the cracks. Why take the chance when you can use in house counsel software like Dazychain to facilitate the whole process?

  • Receive requests even when on-the-go
  • Access any information 24/7
  • Work on multiple cases simultaneously with an intuitive user interface
  • Automate task notifications for your entire legal department
  • Fulfill obligations according to urgency and importance
  • Meet expectations and requirements on time
  • Communicate progress to executives, business units, and internal departments
  • Update external counsel, regulators, and vendors
  • Ensure transparency with all parties involved

“The lawyers use it in different ways and integrate it into their chosen way of working. The ones that really have become Dazychain advocates see that it is a way for them to track their own work and demonstrate that work to the team and the CFO. They can also demonstrate their work in the areas of the business they support.”

Helen Carr
Senior Legal Counsel

Create a single source of truth

Organize and centralize matter related information

Managing legal matters is complex and disorganized without a centralized structure for storing, organizing, and working on legal matters. Having multiple systems, mismanagement or oversight may create additional risk.

  • Streamline your legal operations with Dazychain software for in-house counsel
  • A single source of truth for past and current legal matters
  • AI-driven search function
  • Find, copy and reuse matters and documents
  • Create comprehensive, relevant reports for legal leaders
  • Share reports with one click
  • Monitor progress of ongoing tasks across the team
  • Access precedents and automated templates for simple matter creation
  • Drag and drop relevant documents and emails to legal matters
  • Customize and automate document templates for quick starts and uniform document use

Automated workflows

Improve efficiency and productivity

In-house legal teams often require complicated workflows to manage matters and relevant stakeholders. Manual workflows can be time-consuming, counterproductive, and increase the risk of errors. Dazychain automates and streamlines complex processes, simplifies administrative tasks and document management and enables teams to optimize resource allocation to reduce bottlenecks and accelerate task completion.

  • Customize your workflows to suit your team’s requirements
  • Update workflows and data collection fields with a few clicks as your business changes
  • We can share best-practice workflows such as: advice, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, disputes, litigation, intellectual property, regulatory requirements, compliance, leases, insurance claims, governance matters, and employment matters
  • Create your own workflows, templates and data collection approaches with no code
  • Add document templates, mandatory fields, pre-filled fields to speed the matter creation process
  • Simple data collection at matter creation feeds automatically into dashboards and reports
  • Use our pre-filled reports, or create your own customized reports to share with your team, and senior executives
  • View team members’ current assignments and availability
  • Migrate to a paperless mode of working
  • Reduce manual processing and repetitive tasks
  • Assign and reallocate work in a few clicks
  • Manage contracts and contract renewals
  • Get more done in less time to save time and improve efficiency

“I really like Dazychain. It works well for what we need and it’s such an improvement on what we had before. It feels good. I am much more relaxed about our process now because we all know there’s no point saving something unless you can find it again.”

Mercia Chapman
Senior Legal Counsel
Equity Trustees

Risk and compliance management for your legal department

Never miss a deadline

Supervising legal collaborations, the status of outsourced legal counsel, and any other obligations to ensure no deadlines are missed is critical to the well-being of any business.

However, staying on top of things may not always be feasible for small legal teams and in house counsel dealing with multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • Provide restricted remote access to internal and external stakeholders
  • Invite internal clients or external lawyers to collaborate on documents
  • Communicate using shared documents, deliverables, or shared comments
  • Send reminders and documents to internal clients
  • Download an entire matter to share it with internal clients or external law firms
  • Access key aspects of your matters from a single dashboard: including matters by business unit, internal client, project manager, work type, urgency, and matter type
  • Receive real-time notifications and updates for pending and ongoing tasks for in-house legal teams and outside counsel
  • Create records of historical legal data
  • Improve business processes
  • Make reports to track ROI of outsourced tasks

Integrate Matters, emails and documents

Secure, cloud-based storage

Legal teams receive and send hundreds of emails daily. Without a structured approach to email management, handling inboxes can be overwhelming. Important documents, communications, and attachments may be lost or unsearchable, particularly if a team member leaves the organization. With Dazychain, critical information, communication and documents are stored in a single, centralized location, reducing risk for your legal department.

  • Integrate your Outlook inbox with Dazychain
  • Create new matters from emails
  • Send emails and documents to current matters
  • Cloud-based storage for keeping all legal department documents and emails in one place
  • Secure remote access for all stakeholders
  • Regular backups and sophisticated encryption for safety
  • 24/7 easy access for all stakeholders
  • Unique ID tags and dedicated filters for any, all, or exact matches
  • Search for information within documents, contracts, invoices, etc.

“…a flexible system and gave us a lot of configuration options, so that out of the box we could configure it to the way we worked as much as possible.”

John Pease
Deputy CEO & Company Secretary
Power and Water Corporation

Simple, cost-effective matter management

Automate, search, share, find and reuse

Manage every step of every matter from intake to resolution, with alerts at key milestones. Automate administration and repetitive tasks so your team can focus on matters. Collaborate seamlessly with internal team members and external counsel. Create comprehensive reports on individual matters and immediately export for external stakeholders or compliance.

  • Dazychain manages matter storage, search, review, edit, sharing and collaboration
  • Create daily activity reports on matter statuses by manager, business unit, work type, urgency, risk or any key data point required by your team
  • Automate administrative tasks to effectively mobilize resources
  • Access legal department and team resource reports with one click
  • Share reports with key clients and the senior leadership team
  • Demonstrate your strategic contribution to the organization using simple, prefilled or tailored reports

Get access anywhere, anytime

Find the information you need

Decentralized storage systems are a roadblock to achieving control over corporate legal operations processes. Many teams store data in a range of places such as shared folders, Outlook email folders, desktops or unstructured personal folders. This creates risk, confusion and security issues. Further, if a team member leaves the organization it’s difficult to find, manage, and reuse their matters. Dazychain’s simple, end-to-end, cost-effective legal matter management software is the solution.

  • Access matters, documents, emails, deliverables, reminders, approvals and comments with one click
  • Provide secure access to remote files via security groups, private folders and private matter creation
  • Overview and reports of all ongoing and future matters and priorities
  • Make informed, data driven decisions
  • Notifications, reminders, approvals and deliverables for urgent tasks

“We are saving at least two hours a week per person, or probably more, using Dazychain.”

Kirrilly Gordon
Group Commercial and Legal Manager
SEE Civil

Transform your legal department

Dazychain matter management systems are the ideal choice for your team. This legal matter management software suite is designed specifically for in-house legal departments. Built from the ground up, it provides the features, functionality, and flexibility you need to deliver real value to your entire organization.

  • Centralize emails and documents
  • Increase accountability through transparent, automated workflows
  • Know exactly where your organization stands in regard to crucial matters

The answer to in-house legal team challenges

Dazychain understands the complex role played by in-house corporate legal teams. Dazychain in-house legal software simplifies and automates complex legal processes and services. We help small legal teams make efficiency gains and operate seamlessly in a collaborative working environment.

  • End-to-end matter management
  • State-of-the-art automation
  • Cost-effective software
  • Simple, intuitive interface

See Dazychain in action

With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess