Demonstrate Your Strategic Contribution

Qualify and quantify your team’s output

Detailed. Visible. Transparent. Strategic.

Reporting on your team’s strategic contribution to the business may be difficult, or impossible to achieve without a matter management system.

This missing link can be a lack of data to tell a compelling story about your team’s work and its impact on operations, commercial growth, risk, and the bottom line.

Dazychain helps legal operations professionals to demonstrate the legal team’s role in contract negotiation, compliance, risk management, reputation protection, crisis response, strategic alignment and more.

Our simple yet powerful dashboards take matters details and align them with the organizational strategy, translating them into a performance report for the executive leadership team.

Demonstrate Your Legal Strategic Contribution
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The in-house legal operations platform with dynamic real-time reports

Many in-house legal teams rely on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Word documents to provide reports to senior management. These take a significant amount of time to prepare manually, particularly reports that require analysis of contract status and general ledger codes for spend analysis. Quantitative and qualitative reports are easier to provide when you have a system to support the reporting process.

Dazychain enables you to demonstrate your strategic contribution because you can create and share reports that display data such as matter status, risk, strategic alignment, and matters by manager, region, internal client and business unit.

Measure and communicate the team’s contribution

Demonstrate your team’s strategic value

Your internal clients may not understand the complexity, urgency and volume of your team’s work. Other corporate groups have the tools to communicate their activities to executives: IT teams use Jira, HR teams have SAP, and Sales teams have Salesforce. Now legal teams have Dazychain. Dazychain creates reports demonstrating your team’s strategic contribution to the organization: matter types, durations, complexity, risk, contract value, and regulatory and compliance issues can all be displayed as dashboards and matter reports. You can even share reports on the types of matters you’re managing by business unit, strategic importance and reputation risk, so you can alert the organization to emerging risks.

  • Align matters to organizational strategy
  • View strategic alignment across business units
  • Identify matters connected to commercial growth and their value, such as key contracts
  • Triage, prioritize and allocate matters
  • Create and share matter status reports with business unit leaders
  • Filter by business unit, date, quarter, date range, or compare year-on-year
  • Quickly identify high-risk matters for priority handling by team members
  • View and report on workloads and current resource allocation

Facilitate commercial conversations

Collect and disseminate information with ease

Dazychain matter management software enables you to facilitate a strategic conversation with your executive team. Update the team on your current, expiring, or most valuable contracts, share the current status of high-value contracts, and communicate the range and strategic importance of the matters you’re managing. Collect and disseminate information and reports on emerging risk and compliance issues by business unit, internal client, region or date range. Align your matters to your organization’s strategy, then analyse your strategic versus business-as-usual work, enabling you to potentially automate or redelegate non-strategic work.

  • Provide real-time data to back up discussions
  • Quickly demonstrate what your team is achieving, the value they’re providing and how matters align with organizational goals
  • Share reports and details with business leaders
  • Rapidly address internal clients’ issues, concerns and requirements with matter data available with one click
  • Make data-driven decisions based on real-time data
  • Make strategic staffing and task allocation decisions

Configured for your team

Customized to fit your unique process

Dazychain is configured to align with your in-house legal team’s workflows, processes, and goals. We use a guided, templated approach to configuration so you can benefit from our matter template libraries and best practice examples.

  • We configure your preferred reports, and teach you to create your own
  • Track key performance indicators, monitor legal spend, and measure the team’s effectiveness.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and multiple reporting methods
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive reports, dashboards and navigation

“We identified some shifts in the type of legal matters that we were working on. We were able to show an uptick in the volume of matters, but also the complexity of matters that we were working on. We used that to advocate for additional headcount, which, in COVID times, was not the easiest thing to do. But we had the stats to back it up thanks to Dazychain. It was great to show real data to support what we felt was an increased workload.”

Helen Carr
Deputy General Counsel

Transform your legal department

Dazychain matter management systems are the ideal choice for your team. This legal matter management software suite is designed specifically for in-house legal departments. Built from the ground up, it provides the features, functionality, and flexibility you need to deliver real value to your entire organization.

  • Centralize emails and documents
  • Increase accountability through transparent, automated workflows
  • Know exactly where your organization stands in regard to crucial matters

Powerful data insights that elevate legal departments

By harnessing the aggregated and granular data stored in Dazychain, legal teams access powerful insights into the value and contribution of their contribution to the organizational strategy.

The reporting features in Dazychain legal operations tools provide a transparent, data-driven perspective of the legal department’s efficiency, effectiveness, spend, and contribution. Leverage dashboards, reports and data exports to inform decision-making, future spend and resource allocation.

See Dazychain in action

With Dazychain’s innovative platform you can…

  • Showcase your strategic value

  • Track, measure, and present every legal decision, regardless of its size

  • Highlight your invaluable contribution to the company’s growth and direction

  • Elevate your role with Dazychain as the spotlight that underscores your strategic prowess