Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-10-11T07:25:23+11:00
How secure is an online contract management system?2024-05-09T22:08:52+10:00

The security of an online contract management system depends on the provider’s security measures, whether they’re deploying best practices and the level of compliance with relevant certifications and regulations. Dazychain and our parent company Yarris, take security and privacy seriously, using secure off-site Amazon data centres for storage. We use AWS AMI which is patched regularly against malware attacks. We also use Amazon Cloudfront for protection against DDoS attacks. We’re also ISO 27001 certified, giving you confidence in our information security management systems (ISMS).

How long does it take to implement legal contract management systems?2024-05-09T22:08:28+10:00

Dazychain is as easy to set up as it is to use. First, our team of experts will work with your legal department and IT team to understand your existing processes and capture your needs.

Depending on the size of your organization, the implementation process for our contract management solutions can take anywhere from two weeks to two months.

What are the benefits of cloud-based contract management software?2024-05-09T22:08:06+10:00

Accessibility: Cloud-based contract management software enables legal and business teams and stakeholders to access matters and documents from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility is especially relevant in remote work environments where efficient collaboration is essential.

Scalability: As an organization’s contract portfolio grows, matter and contract management software can easily scale to accommodate increased workload without substantial hardware investments or complex IT infrastructure. Updates are applied seamlessly at no added cost, reducing the burden on IT departments.

Security: Cloud-based providers invest heavily in advanced security measures, including encryption, access controls, and data redundancy. These measures often surpass what many on-premises solutions can provide.

What should legal departments look for in contract management platforms?2024-05-09T22:07:30+10:00

The best contract management software options for in house legal departments should ideally be holistic solutions for matter and contract management. Ideally, when choosing contract management software, it will include the following features:

  • Streamlined contract process through the entire lifecycle
  • Automated workflows
  • Centralized repository
  • Version control features
  • Seamless connection to relevant matters
  • Search and retrieval capabilities
  • Easy collaboration with all parties involved
  • Integration with other systems
Do you share data with 3rd parties?2023-10-05T12:01:51+11:00

Dazychain does not share data. Users may choose to share data with external lawyers if they wish.

How often is the data backed up and where are the backups stored?2023-10-05T12:01:32+11:00

The cloud providers hosting our databases and file systems make regular nightly backups.

Do you use generic administrator accounts to administer and maintain the system and if so, who has the user-ids and passwords?2023-10-05T12:01:14+11:00

No, we do not use generic administrator accounts. System updates happen through a controlled release process. A senior engineer in charge of technical services can view user-ids only as passwords are encrypted.

Who has access to the Dazychain system, both remotely and physically?2023-10-05T12:00:54+11:00

Yarris engineers and system administrators have access to Dazychain on an as required basis. Yarris makes use of cloud services to host our databases and application servers, as such we have no physical access or data stored on premises.

Data destruction2023-10-05T12:00:33+11:00

Yarris has no physical hardware, therefore data destruction is accomplished by deleting the database.

Can documents be deleted from the application?2023-10-05T11:59:36+11:00

Yes. Document attachments may be removed. The system enables the owning Organisation to specify access levels for the other party in the engagement (buyer/supplier) which can prevent deletion/updating or even reading.

Is there a notion of an administrator?2023-10-05T11:59:18+11:00

Yes, each Organisation can appoint one or more users to an Organisational Administrator role.

Will my data be transmitted in clear text?2023-10-05T11:58:53+11:00

No. All communication links are encrypted with SSL.

How is user authentication carried out?2023-10-05T11:58:34+11:00

Users are verified by login and password pair over an SSL encrypted link. Passwords are always encrypted before storing. Two-factor authentication is currently in the planning phase for release in 2021.

Do users have different access levels?2023-10-05T11:58:03+11:00

Assigned roles and groups govern user access to functions. Individual projects are further protected via an access list of allowed ‘collaborators’. Roles include:

  • Organizational administrator
  • Project collaborator
  • Finance
  • Panel manager

All roles are assigned by the organizational administrator.

How can Dazychain help legal departments deal with emerging digital and data threats?2023-10-05T11:57:05+11:00

With the rise in cyber-attacks, data breaches and other digital threats, it’s essential that legal teams can spot potential risks before they become an issue that damages the company’s reputation.

Through real-time monitoring, Dazychain helps growing businesses get a clear picture of emerging risks, categorise risks by type and urgency, and implement tried and tested threat mitigation practices.

What is the importance of legal risk management software?2023-10-05T11:56:45+11:00

Handling compliance and risks daily is a hectic task that needs constant surveillance and updates. Manual documentation and decentralized storage can often lead to oversights and errors.

Automating legal risk and compliance management with the help of dedicated software can help in-house lawyers stay on top of all legal issues minus the hassle.

What is legal risk management and compliance software?2023-10-05T11:56:06+11:00

It’s a one-stop solution that allows corporate lawyers to manage and access a company’s legal matters that pertain to compliance, permissions, and risks. Dazychain’s compliance and risk management software is an all-in-one matter management solution that can help small legal teams gain transparency and work faster, and more efficiently than ever.

Who uses Dazychain?2023-10-05T11:56:17+11:00

Dazychain is an end-to-end matter management software solution for in-house legal teams. We serve clients across several industries, including but not limited to charities, non-profits, research and utility companies, superannuation and finance, construction and mining.

Are you GDPR compliant?2023-10-05T11:55:22+11:00

We are GDPR compliant. We do collect and maintain a very limited amount of personal data, none of which is monetized.

What type of Security Incident Event Monitoring (SIEM) do you use?2023-10-05T11:55:02+11:00

We use Cloudfront which gives us protection from DDos attacks. We are automatically covered with standard AWS Shield. We have active monitoring in place from AWS – Network Flow Monitoring. As part of AWS Shield standard we are also protected against any DDos attacks.

How do you protect stored information from malware?2023-10-05T11:54:42+11:00

We use AWS AMI which is patched regularly against malware attacks. We also use Amazon Cloudfront for protection against DDoS attacks. Yarris turns on s3 scanning by third party virus scanner before you commence the project.

Do you conduct penetration tests?2023-10-05T11:54:25+11:00

Penetration tests are performed quarterly.

What is your data retention process and encryption strength at rest?2023-10-05T11:54:07+11:00

MongoDB (Database):

  • Encryption – aes-256
  • Backup retention – two weeks

S3 (Document store):

  • Encryption – aes-256
  • Backup retention – unlimited. Managed by AWS – documents stored in highly redundant storage.
What infrastructure status reporting is in place?2023-10-05T11:53:36+11:00

We use standard AWS infrastructure reporting.

Is there an audit log?2023-10-05T11:53:17+11:00

We confirm we log all changes to data in the Dazychain audit log.

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan?2023-10-05T11:53:00+11:00

Yarris makes use of cloud services to host our applications and databases. Yarris makes full use of AWS multi-availability zones which act as our Disaster Recovery and High Availability. Our providers implement Disaster Recovery plans on behalf of hosted services such as ours. We also have a fully developed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Program. AWS meets applicable certifications, including ISO27001, ISO27018, FedRAMP, SOC 1, SOC 2, for more information please see

How do you manage changes and updates to the system? How much notice is given prior to an operating system or application update?2023-10-05T11:52:29+11:00

Release notes are delivered by email to the specified Organisational Administrator and users one week prior to a release. Releases are generally notified at least one week ahead of the release date.

Segregation of data2023-10-05T11:52:07+11:00

Segregation of the data is fully supported, tenant aware and no user company can view another’s information unless permission had been provided, such as in the case when companies are collaborating together.

Application, Server and Network protection2023-10-05T11:51:50+11:00

Our application stack runs on AWS, fully utilizing the multi-availability zones for High Availability and redundancy. The application sits behind Elastic Load Balancers. We also make full use of AWS Shield to combat denial of service attacks. The application is tightly controlled during high-load scenarios, with new instances created as required to combat the load.

What is Dazychain’s data retention policy upon account termination?2023-10-05T11:51:02+11:00

Our policy is to retain customer data for the period requested by the customer, usually one month. After that time period, the data is deleted. Alternative arrangements can be made on an ad hoc basis if requested by the customer.

Where is application data stored?2023-10-05T11:50:41+11:00

Application data is hosted in an Amazon data centre in Australia while the database is hosted by another cloud provider called Object Rocket, also in Australia. The database is encrypted at rest and all communications between the application and the database are encrypted via SSL.

How can Dazychain control and reduce spend for in-house legal teams?2023-10-05T11:50:00+11:00

Dazychain reports on all stages of invoicing, comparing vendor performance and keeping track of costs. Simple reporting and dashboards for internal and external spend help teams to make data-driven financial decisions and identify automation or workflow improvements that reduce spend on outside counsel.

How can Dazychain optimize legal team operations?2023-10-05T11:49:34+11:00

Dazychain enables your team to collaborate and work effectively in real-time by managing communications and workloads with customized templates, data fields and more. You can seamlessly integrate with existing Microsoft Suite and DocuSign applications and store everything in one place, ensuring secure access for all team members.

How do lawyers use the software?2023-10-05T11:49:17+11:00

Lawyers may use the software for intake, matter management, document management, contract management, e-billing, and reporting.

Some teams use point solutions such as SharePoint for document storage, while others use an end-to-end solution to manage legal matters, such as Dazychain.

What is the purpose of legal software for in-house counsel?2023-10-05T11:48:58+11:00

The role of in-house counsel software is to manage and report on legal matters in a structured, efficient and automated way. Matter management software provides a single source of truth in a secure environment.

Legal software also enables in-house legal teams to collaborate seamlessly with external law firms, manage process improvements, and make efficiency gains.

How can Dazychain help company executives make better decisions?2023-10-05T11:48:30+11:00

Our reports offer a clear view of all legal operations, including matters, legal spend, and risk ratings. With up-to-date information at their fingertips, executives can make informed decisions.

Can Dazychain configuration enable our business to tailor workflows and reporting based on business goals?2023-10-05T11:48:12+11:00

Dazychain’s flexible configuration enables you to define workflow steps, capture essential data through customizable templates, set up user roles and permissions, create custom fields, and design reports that align with the objectives of your in-house legal department and organization.

How does Dazychain enable us to measure and report in-house legal department goals and objectives that align with the company’s strategic goals?2023-10-05T11:47:46+11:00

Dazychain empowers in-house legal departments to measure and report on KPIs with reports on matters by business unit, reputational risk and strategic alignment. Areas of strategic alignment can be customized based on business objectives such as commercial growth, operational excellence, focus on the customer and regional growth.

What are the 5Ps of knowledge management for legal departments?2023-10-05T11:47:08+11:00

Knowledge management focuses on people, processes, platforms, partnerships, and problem-solving. Dazychain’s robust legal knowledge management software uses a cloud-based platform to standardize processes for lawyers who are a part of in-house legal teams. It is aimed at resolving the biggest challenges that impede the productivity of in-house legal and allow the team to collaborate seamlessly with internal and external partners.

What is knowledge management in the legal profession?2023-10-05T11:46:48+11:00

Corporate legal knowledge management refers to the process of storing, searching, sharing, and utilizing information from internal and external matters. In the case of in-house legal teams, sound knowledge management practices include the use of agreed naming conventions, structured and agreed folder and sub-folder structures, and a drive for continuous improvement in process continuity, data collection, and operational standards.

Can you provide case studies from other legal teams that have successfully implemented Dazychain?2023-10-05T11:46:26+11:00

Check out our Case Studies page for details.

What are your support hours?2023-10-05T11:45:50+11:00

Our Support Team is available 24/7/365 through our Help Desk at:

What data migration options are available for our existing legal matter data?2023-10-05T11:44:59+11:00

All your existing legal matter data can be migrated to Dazychain. We’re happy to provide a quote.

Is there any additional cost for training new staff in the future?2023-10-05T11:44:45+11:00

Training of new staff, refreshers, and upskilling for existing staff is included.

What training and support will be provided during onboarding?2023-10-05T11:44:28+11:00

Dazychain provides comprehensive training and support throughout onboarding and beyond, complemented by our free library of online learning, resources, webinars, your account manager and our technical team.

How will Dazychain integrate with our existing software and systems?2023-10-05T11:44:11+11:00

Dazychain seamlessly integrates with a range of software and systems – see our Integrations page for details. We work with your team to ensure Dazychain reflects and builds on existing systems and workflows.

Does Dazychain have any application security vulnerability protection capabilities?2023-10-04T21:22:24+11:00

We use AWS Shield.

What features are coming soon?2023-10-05T14:54:39+11:00

Smart Legal Operations Automation and AI

Repetitive and administrative tasks are tedious and time-consuming for in-house counsel and can risk typos. Artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of automating some of these processes, allowing lawyers to focus on high-value output. Coming soon, Dazychain legal tech will provide some AI focussed functions that continue to focus on creating best practice legal operations tools that help produce efficient and high performing modern legal teams.

How does Dazychain help control external legal spend?2023-10-05T14:54:19+11:00

Dazychain gives greater control over legal spend management, because your team can better monitor the activity external legal counsel partners and vendors. This way, you will be able to identify certain tasks that may not require outsourcing, or ensure they remain within agreed budgets.

In addition, migrating to a cloud-based platform or cloud-based legal software eliminates the need for printing and investing in computers and hardware.

Legal teams trust our legal matter management software

“I can find matters quickly now using the search functionality. It is very powerful and easy to use. I can access Dazychain from home or work. It gives me more flexibility around working as well, and I know the team members find that helpful as well.”

John Pease

Deputy CEO & Company Secretary

Dazychain Partner

“Now we have a system that enables us to see how we were spending our effort for each business division. Business Heads can see we spend significant time on their business. This reinforces our value to them because the head of the business doesn’t always see what we are doing for the people who work in that business.”

Mercia Chapman

Senior Legal Counsel

Dazychain Partner

“Perhaps the most valuable advantage of Dazychain is it alleviates Sunday afternoons in the office manually preparing task lists for the week and reports for Monday morning executive meetings.”

Mark Flint

General Counsel

Dazychain Partner
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