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In-house legal document management system for small corporate legal teams

Create. Store. Share. Search. Find. Reuse.

Many legal teams use document management systems to store their legal documents. Dazychain takes this process a step further by providing matter creation with automated document templates, folder allocation, matter data collection and collaborative editing.

This means you can share documents and collaborate together simultaneously. You can share documents and redline markups with your internal clients, keep up to date on new document versions and send reminders about due dates and contract expiries.

Send approval and review requests to your internal clients or management team along with an attached document for review. Or create a deliverable reminder a year into the future when a key document must be reviewed, along with a link to the document.

You can even download an entire matter and all of its attached documents to send to an internal client or law firm with one click.

Legal Document Management

Innovative legal document management and storage

Drag and drop emails and documents to Dazychain

End-to-end automation for improved workflow

Automatically attach document templates, deliverables and due dates to matters

Safe and secure digital storage solution

Seamless cross-team collaboration and user collaboration

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Handle online legal document management like a pro

Get more done in less time with Dazychain’s intuitive legal document management solutions that let you organize, edit documents, track, share, preview, reuse and store all kinds of documents.

Our state-of-the-art in-house document management tool helps you optimize document management, make process efficiency gains, eradicate human error in administrative tasks, and safely collaborate on critical legal matters.

Dazychain document management features

Our in-house legal document management system not only eradicates the need for pen-and-paper filing of legal matters but also offers many interesting and useful features.

  • Drag and drop documents and emails to a matter with one click
  • Securely share documents with internal clients and external law firms
  • Collaborate together in a document simultaneously and share real-time updates and new versions
  • Use the document search function for any, exact and all search types for both in-document and document title searches
  • Create reminders for your internal clients with associated document links to let them know when it’s time to revisit a key document
  • Create a calendar entry reminder to attend to a document or deliverable

Upgrade to centralized legal document storage

Enjoy the convenience of electronic storage

Forget filing cabinets, folders, and dusty storage units. Upgrade to cloud-based storage solutions that improve accessibility and security.

  • Save space and time that may otherwise be spent on filing and archiving
  • Store, locate, retrieve, and reuse important documents securely
  • Utilize unlimited document storage
  • Utilize our state-of-the-art search function to locate files, folders, attachments, and more
  • Attach important documents and sync data directly from your inbox to an email
  • Documents are stored on centralized servers with back-ups in multiple geographical locations for round-the-clock access
  • We perform regular audits, security checks and backups to ensure our clients do not suffer from data security threats

“Now that the team uses Dazychain diligently, I can find documents that other people have prepared if they’re away and I need access. Or I just want to reuse a precedent because they’re all saved there. It’s got a really good search function, so it’s easy to find things, and it shows me what people are currently working on. Dazychain also enables me to report to the business heads on the work we are doing for them.”

Mercia Chapman
Senior Legal Counsel
Equity Trustees

Secure and trusted

Dazychain matter management software uses the latest technologies to protect your data and comply with government and industry regulations.

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Streamline your legal document management systems with custom templates

Consult the Dazychain team to help you create custom templates for matters such as non-disclosure agreements, frequently used contracts, and advice, then include them in your matter creation process automatically, along with any dues dates. Custom templates help team members to standardize documents, draft legal documents in minutes, reduce human errors, and reduce time to matter completion.

We can also assist you to create detailed legal intake forms for your employees, and external stakeholders in minutes. These forms can automatically create Dazychain matters, along with data, documents and material supplied by your internal client.

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