Investing in corporate social responsibility initiatives

How does your organisation stack up when it comes to ‘giving back’ to the community? Would it surprise you to learn that many of Australia’s biggest businesses are already investing heavily in corporate social responsibility initiatives? Today we’re examining the benefits of implementing a social good platform at your workplace – beyond making a positive difference to the communities in which you live. Take a look!

The Benefits:

Finding Talent

Integrating a culture of giving into your organisational ethos is not only a feel good activity, it helps promote your brand as a business that cares. According to a recent study quoted by One Million Donors, 81 percent of people interviewed consider an organisation’s commitment to social issues when searching for a new role.

Employee Morale

Not only does workplace giving make it easier to find quality talent, it helps retain them as well. The 2011 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey found that individuals between the ages of 21-35 who regularly participate in workplace volunteer activities are nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career.

Additionally, developing a charitable ethos at your business can both increase employee pride, but also productivity when people work for a brand they believe in.

How To Give Back

Workplace Giving Programs:

One Million Donors is a social movement dedicated to seeing one million Australia’s donating to charities via their workplace by the year 2020. It’s an ambitious goal – and one that has seen support from some of Australia’s biggest companies. Employees simply nominate how much of their pre-tax salary they would like to donate to charity. In some cases, employers choose to match staff donations, doubling the amount that is donated.

Company or Department-Wide Volunteer Days:

With the pressure of looming deadlines, shifting priorities and scheduled meetings, some days it inevitably feels as though you’re glued to your desk – enjoying the ‘great outdoors’ through the sliver you see in a distant window. Before you know it, the day, a week, a month have passed – and you still haven’t found time to achieve your resolution for the year – volunteer. For managers, the most effective way to ensure your team is taking some time to de-stress, refocus and help others is by setting a day for everyone to do it together. Many non-profits (including OzHarvest and Vinnies) offer Corporate Volunteering – a full day of rewarding activities designed to increase teamwork and help the community.

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