The importance of email in the legal world

If a matter management system is going to really help GCs, it must be able to easily capture emails.

Email is a very important channel of communication. Lawyers of course use email extensively, and many have developed elaborate filing systems on Outlook.

Email is one of the only decent technology tools that all lawyers have and many have become experts at email.

Sure, their lives could be improved with a matter management system, but if that system doesn’t integrate with email, they would be running two systems in parallel. In that case, they will usually choose to stay with email rather than adopt a newer system.

Dazychain is an advanced matter management system which provides the best of both worlds- advanced matter management plus email integration.

Dazychain didn’t really take off until it was integrated with Outlook. Now, when an email with attachments arrives in the GC’s Inbox, a prompt appears asking if it needs to be filed in Dazychain. If ‘yes’, then the GC can click on the list of recent files which come up as prompts. It’s dead easy. A single source of truth.

Dazychain provides a single source of truth and puts everything under the GCs view.  Importantly, it is easy to learn and simple to use.

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