Why providing feedback on the products you use (like Dazychain) is important

Have you ever seen an email or pop-up screen requesting feedback for a product and shut it down immediately? We get it – in this busy world, sometimes it’s hard to even contemplate adding another thing to your to-do list. Not only that, it’s hard to imagine your written feedback has any kind of future when it leaves your computer screen.

Well, we’re here today to reveal why it’s beneficial to you (and the business whose products you love!) to submit regular feedback.

1. It helps determine the future of the product.

Customer feedback is essential to determining ‘pivot points’ or areas where a developing product may venture in the future. Think of this way, it’s unlikely that mobile phones manufacturers would have ventured into developing ‘mobile wallets’ unless there was a demand from customers to centralise services. In the same way, retailers would never have moved into online shopfronts unless there was a demand from customers to be able to replicate their in-store experience from home. Often customer feedback to businesses helps determine the direction and evolution of a product.

2. It helps fast-track the resolution of issues or stress-points.

Don’t be afraid to be honest when submitting feedback to a business. If something isn’t working, whether it’s a bug or a clunky piece of functionality, detailing the issue in written feedback can help get it resolved faster. After all, while a point of improvement can sometimes be obvious to an everyday user, it isn’t always caught by those working behind the scenes. Providing feedback on your user experience can not only save you time and frustration in the long run, it can also help businesses understand what needs to be prioritised.

3. It shapes the product roadmap, including feature releases and updates.

If there is piece of functionality you feel is vital and missing from the existing product – share it by providing feedback! Businesses like Dazychain love hearing customers articulate things that would make their experience even better. So many changes have been made to our products based on a customer giving us a call and saying ‘hey, you know what would make this even better?’.

Now that you know how important customer feedback is – here’s how to send us yours! Simply call 1300 GO DAZY. We look forward to hearing from you!

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