Moving beyond email, attachments and spreadsheets to manage your business

Many large organisations have already seen the impact of technology on their operations, embracing cloud solutions to improve their processes and reduce the amount of time spent completing simple tasks.

However there is still a lack of digital processes in many organisaitons. Central business activities like document management are continuing in analog format, dominated by paper records. Where technology is used, it’s often limited to basic functionality like email.

While internal processes might not be on your radar, they’re actually one of the biggest expenses for organisations today. A recent survey from the document destruction company Shred-it found the average business cost for a single lost document is $144, a considerable expense for an avoidable incident.

Is there software for that?

Yes. Innovative businesses are embracing the advantages of cloud technology like Dazychain. This innovative process management software provides a space for companies and professional service providers to collaborate on shared projects in a single cloud-based solution.

What are the advantages of a collaboration platform? For organisations that choose to embrace a process management offering like Dazychain there are a few key benefits, including:


Having quick access to vital information is essential, especially when working with other organisations. Being able to retrieve documents, review a project’s status and receive invoices through a single system saves time for a company.


Paper documents can easily be lost or misplaced, creating an added cost that is easily avoided. Whether it is through over-reliance on insecure emails, or local document storage rather than the cloud, many organisations are facing security challenges that could be overcome with a cloud collaboration system.

Manage costs

Most companies are sensitive to costs  When different projects are treated individually rather than managed through one portal, it’s much harder to keep track of spend. Cloud collaboration can be inexpensive, easy and relatively painless.

It may seem to be time consuming and challenging to implement new systems, but the resulting document management, reporting and transparency makes the small effort worthwhile.

Please contact me if you’d like to use cloud software to manage your business processes.  We’re here to help.