Bringing harmony to the workplace

Here at Dazychain, we’ve created a number of policies with the specific goal of bringing harmony to the workplace. These policies include:

  • Work from home as much as you want or need
  • Part-time schedule options
  • Shifted hours to accommodate special needs and personal interests
  • Work from overseas to extend a holiday or look after sick parents
  • A sick leave bank to support seriously ill team members who have run out of sick leave
  • Parents room for any purpose
  • Paid parental leave for both parents
  • Unlimited training to build leaders, keep us sharp and build on technical skills
  • The establishment of multiple graduate technical roles to build a pipeline of technical skills and encourage the next generation
  • An open door to children and dogs, just because they’re lovely.

Perhaps you’re trying similar approaches in your company or team?

The results of our harmony policies

Our happiness factor has increased, our employee retention is very high, and when we do recruit we have many hundreds of applicants.

Our approach to creating harmony in the workplace is a key priority because happy employees create happy customers and better business outcomes. There is a proven direct correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. (For more on this topic see Factor Happiness for a scholarly article or Forbes for a quick read on the relationship.)

Here’s what some of the Dazychain team say about our harmony policies.

“The working from home policy has enabled me to feel part of a team without compromising my mental and physical health.”

“I avoid lengthy commutes which helped me to become a homeowner at a more affordable location, have a more balanced work/life and be there for my family when needed, which has also helped my wife get back to employment.”

“I have a better work-life balance. The time saved on commuting to and from the office can be used for juggling family life with small children or sneak in a workout for some much needed “me-time.”

“Harmony policies helped me to be with family in need oversees during emergencies. I visited my sick mother back in Sri Lanka and worked from overseas.”

“I make use of really focused time without travel or other interruptions.”

“I don’t stress on the commute 5 days a week. It gives me some breathing time to manage my work/life balance.”

And perhaps the most poignant,

“The work from home policy has allowed me to watch my children grow up.”

We hope that our Dazychain harmony policies continue to contribute to our employee and customer satisfaction and engagement, which is our company priority and my personal priority. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your own harmony policies or to let you know how we went about our harmony policy journey.

Dr Katherine King is the COO and Product Owner of Dazychain legal operations management software.

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