Clubhouse and the global legal tech community

Clubhouse this, Clubhouse that. What is this Clubhouse? A secret society? Exclusive maybe, but you need an invitation by an existing member. Finally, I received an invite from a close friend. I was in! This mystery became clear.

What is Clubhouse? Imagine you have an app on your phone that lets you listen to live, interesting conversations with large groups, but not in a creepy way. These people want to be heard. They may even be famous, or at least interesting or knowledgeable (no guarantee, however). And you may be invited to join the chat. Think of it as an audio-chat social network.

It has taken off like Twitter did on the early 2000s and I am personally having the time of my life in there. Today I came across a live chat room about Legal Tech, GCs and Vendors in the audience and on the virtual stage. GC’s and several vendors discussed how and why they buy and how they like or do not like to be sold to.

These conversations are priceless and on Clubhouse, they were global. Some familiar names and people I knew, but new voices, new generations of buyers and sellers of technology. What did I learn?

  • Clubhouse is fun and you can learn a lot
  • It can be weird, and you need courage to interact in the conversations
  • You get to speak and hear from your peers and audience in a very genuine way
  • It is a sense of community, learning, teaching, and growing together
  • I jumped on stage and guess what? I got a buzz, and it was great to have my peers and friends celebrate me sharing my learning about legal tech

I so far enjoyed how the Legal Tech audience has reacted to Clubhouse and how they are all getting into it and sharing. I have made new fans and I am a fan of others too! There are many channels that you can get into depending on your interest, from Elon Musk to L’Oreal or plain old me.

As a technology company with three SaaS platforms, we need to seek and find the new. This is new and totally awesome for all interests and knowledge levels.

Tune in and have fun.

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