Five reasons we moved to WeWork

What is WeWork?

WeWork is a $47 billion dollar company that provides shared workspaces (co-working) to large and small businesses globally. It currently boasts 466,000 members in 485 locations. Their offices span 100 cities in 28 countries, including our new office in Melbourne, Australia.

WeWork is known for its flexible, modern workspaces and community-first mindset. It’s Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Neumann once called WeWork ‘the world’s first physical social network’.

Why did we move?

1. Better facilities

Yarris is a proud flexible-work employer with a team who regularly take advantage of scheduled work-from-home days. Consequently, when choosing a new office it was imperative for the space to be warm, welcoming and most importantly – somewhere people want to work.

WeWork initially caught our eye due to the modern, bright and open office design that facilitates both communication and innovation. Additionally, the abundance of conference rooms and informal breakout spaces for impromptu meetings that pushed us to sign the dotted line.

2. Managed facilities

Any business who has leased their own office space can attest to the challenges and costs associated with keeping it operational. The ancillary costs including a decent fit out, continued cleaning and maintenance as required can add up.

At WeWork, both our team and visitors have a seamless experience from the moment of entry with helpful staff and managed facilities. Access to a clean, furnished environment and a kitchenette stocked with tea, coffee and beer on tap are just a few of the perks.

3. Access to global office space

Yarris is a fast-growing business with a steadily increasing number of frequent travellers. It made sense to consider the comfort and productivity of these mobile workers when settling on new headquarters. Thanks to WeWork’s global network of offices, our frequent fliers have direct access to the internet, desks and meeting rooms all over the world.

4. The community

One benefit associated with co-working offices are the opportunities for networking and professional development. Established businesses and entrepreneurs from radically different industries often occupy the same space, occasionally resulting in cross-collaboration and communication – sometimes over a cup of java.

The Yarris team have access to social networking, community talks and thought leadership workshops through WeWork’s regular event programming.

5. Central location

With a team spread across Victoria and Tasmania, it was vitally important for our new office to be easily accessible in a central location. While searching for a new location, we discovered WeWork have five buildings in Melbourne with a combined 28 floors of office space. That’s quite a few offices to choose from.

Thanks to the consultative efforts of the team at WeWork, our new office in Spencer Street ticks every box on our ‘non-negotiables’ list, including its proximity to Southern Cross Station, multiple tram stops, a ferry, taxis, car parking and only a short stroll from some of Melbourne’s best food hotspots.

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