Angela Skaf and Coates Hire:
Settling outstanding debt with Dazychain

A national machinery hire company creates detailed legal matter reports that eliminate unnecessary meetings and save two hours a month.

Coates Hire is an innovative equipment hire company with over 150 branches Australia-wide. It loans over one million pieces of equipment across twenty-one categories annually, supported by a team of trained specialists and engineers covering everything from general hire to special project requirements.

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Angela Skaf, Paralegal in the Coates Hire Legal team, assists branches to recover costs of lost, stolen or damaged equipment while on hire to a customer and to defend Coates Hire against claims brought against the company. Anglea also collaborates with the Accounts Receivable team to recover outstanding debts.


The team at Coates Hire needed legal technology to streamline their workload, manage matters efficiently and to reduce risks associated with litigation. They also required a software solution that enabled each member of the legal team to have visibility over all matters.

Keys to success: Dazychain

Coates Hire chose Dazychain for their legal technology solution. The team were looking to streamline matters, increase visibility over active matters, report on recoveries and reduce reputational risk.


Prior to the implementation of Dazychain, the Coates Hire team were required to attend a two hour meeting each month with Accounts Receivables to discuss debt matters individually.

Now, all departments have visibility over matters and can generate reports as required, eliminating long and unnecessary meetings.

Angela Skaf of Coates Hire says; “We found these meetings were extremely time consuming and there was no real benefit, as the outcome didn’t differ significantly from month to month. Now we have the ability to extract a report at any point in time, allowing us to provide all the up to date deliverables for all matters to Accounts Receivable.”

Additionally, the Chief Legal Counsel at Coates Hire uses Dazychain to report on strategic matters across the Group to the board.

Read the interview with Angela Skaf - Paralegal, Coates Hire

What are your priorities as Paralegal at Coates Hire?
My priorities are to ensure we settle all disputed damages in a timely manner. I liaise with lawyers, insurers and customers to resolve disputes to recover our costs. No matter what role a person has, I think it is important to have some business sense. Therefore even as a paralegal I play a part in the company achieving its financial goals. Developing strong rapport with people in the business is also extremely important.

What are your biggest challenges in your role?
My biggest challenge is the volume of work and ensuring I always attend to the business when required and deliver accordingly. I also find it rewarding at the same time - more so than challenging.

What is the size of your legal team?
The team currently consists of the Chief Legal Counsel, 5 lawyers, the Executive Assistant and myself.

What are the biggest challenges for your team?
One of the biggest challenges for the team is the requirement to deliver advice within very tight timeframes, however the team does endeavour to meet all deadlines.

What changes have you brought to your team to improve productivity and transparency?
I think having worked in different departments over the last 11 years at Coates Hire, I have an excellent understanding of the business from an operational standpoint. I also have a good understanding of our ERP system which allows me to extract information that assists the team in resolving issues or queries in a timely manner.

How do you report on matters across the group?
Currently the Chief Legal Counsel reports on strategic matters across the Group and other members of the team liaise with various departments as required.

Can you tell us about your method for dispute reporting for your Accounts Receivable department?
Before Dazychain was implemented the team was required to attend a 2 hour meeting every month with Accounts Receivables to discuss all the debt matters. We found over time these meetings were extremely time consuming and there was no real benefit in having these meetings, as the outcome did not differ significantly from month to month. Now having the ability to extract a report at any point in time enables us to provide all the up to date deliverables for all matters to Accounts Receivables. This report is provided on a monthly basis to Accounts Receivables with all the relevant information they require.

What do you see is the role of technology in legal operations leadership?
To ensure we have relevant and accurate data which will assist our Chief Legal Counsel in reporting to the Board.

What are the key reasons your team has decided to use technology to manage your work?
To streamline our workload and manage our matters in a more efficient manner. Most importantly it gives each member of the legal Team better visibility of all our matters.

Can you tell us about your Dazychain journey?
Dazychain has been a pleasant and smooth journey for me. It is an extremely user friendly system and what I love the most about it is the ability to report on our recoveries. I also love the fact there is usually a quick and prompt fix if we need any changes or modifications to our system. Also, the support we have received from our Account Manager in following up and providing any changes required is always a smooth and prompt.